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December 21, 2015 3237
Customers Should Contact Lippert Components for Remedy
Stromberg Carlson Products Informs Customers of a Recall of Lippert Conponents Electric Steps

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Robert C. Brammer Jr., president, Stromberg Carlson Products, Inc., announced that Lippert Components, Inc. has notified Stromberg Carlson of a recall to an electric coach step product that passed through Stromberg Carlson Products, Inc.

Brammer said, "While Stromberg Carlson made no changes to the product, we must make you aware of Lippert Components, Inc.'s recall in expectation that the end user will be able to address and resolve any problems or concerns related to this Lippert Components, Inc. electric coach step product recall directly with Lippert Components, Inc.

For recall related questions, requests for additional recall information, or recall related repair parts, please contact Lippert Components, Inc. Customer Service department at 574-537-8900 or warranty@lci1.com. Lippert Components, Inc. will directly coordinate with you or your dealer the shipment of repair kits and payment of labor charges.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's Safety Recall 15E-078, Coach Step Double Step Recall Repair Instructions and Coach Step Triple Step Recall Repair Instructions:

Description of the Defect: Potential structural fracture of the center bolt of the fan gear assembly which may cause the fan gear assembly to disengage from the steps.

Description of the Safety Risk: If the center bolt of the fan gear assembly fractures the fan gear assembly may disengage from the steps making the steps unstable possibly causing a person to fall and resulting in injury.Description of the Cause : Bolt may fracture from stress on the bolt caused by misuse of the steps, overloading, collision or other outside influences.

Identification of Any Warning that can Occur: Steps do not fully retract under the motorized recreational vehicle or there could be no warning prior to the bolt fracture.

Description of Remedy:

Description of Remedy Program: A remedy is currently being validated that would add a bracket covering the fan gear assembly and center bolt that would prevent the fan gear assembly from disengaging from the steps in the event that the center bolt were to fracture and reinforcing a stable platform.

Identify How/When Recall Condition was Corrected in Production:

The involved part numbers (128980; 164194; 165033; 165034; 165035; 165044; 168367; 171317; 171776; 173476; 234310) are no longer built and sold by Lippert Components. The last production and sale of the steps was December 2014.

Source: Stromberg Carlson Products, Inc.
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